How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working Properly

23 April 2016
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A garbage disposal is a nice convenience to have in your kitchen. It helps get rid of food waste without throwing it into the garbage, which can lead to a smelly garbage can. Not everything can go into the garbage disposal though. You need to watch what goes down the drain to keep your disposal in proper working order. See below for some helpful garbage disposal tips.

What To Put In The Disposal

Food waste is all that should ever go into the disposal. 

  • Small food particles. If it's too big that you have to cut it to fit, it's much too big. Only scrape small particles.
  • Cold water. Be sure to use cold water when running the disposal. The cold water helps keep oil and grease in the drain in solid form, so it can be easily chopped in the disposal. Hot water can cause the grease/oil to turn to liquid and can solidify further in your drain, causing a clog.
  • Ice cubes. Ice cubes help sharpen the disposal blades, so put them in your disposal often. You can also make your own ice cube fresheners by cutting up lemons and placing them in an ice cube tray with water. Freeze the lemon/water tray and then place the frozen lemon cubes into the disposal. The lemon will help freshen your disposal, while the ice cube helps sharpen the blades.

What Not To Put In The Disposal

If it isn't biodegradable, it doesn't belong in the disposal. 

  • Bones. Smaller bones as in fish bones can be chopped in the disposal, but larger bones such as from a steak or ribs should not be put in the disposal.
  • Rice and pasta. Rice and pasta expands when they get wet, so don't put either of these in your disposal, as it can cause a clog. 
  • Coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can clog your drain trap, especially if you put an excessive amount down your disposal.
  • Hard food waste. Hard food waste such as fruit pits and apple cores can break the blades on your disposal. These items belong in a compost bin, rather than the disposal.

Inspect your disposal before running it just in case little ones in your home placed something in your disposal that doesn't belong there such as small toys, utensils, or your car keys. The last thing you want is to run your disposal with one of these items in it and have to call out the plumber to fish out your car keys from the disposal. However, if you think you need garbage disposal repair, call a technician right away.