3 Problems And Possible Solutions For Refrigerator Problems

20 November 2015
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It often seems like one or more appliances in a home don't seem to be working properly for one reason or another. While sometimes calling someone to come in and fix this appliance is necessary, it is often a good idea to try a few basic fixes yourself. This can save you a great deal of money, and can also save you time as well because you don't have to wait for the repair man to come. If you find that your refrigerator is having some issues, there are some certain things that you can try. This article will discuss 3 problems and possible solutions for refrigerator problems. 

The Freezer Isn't Keeping Things Frozen

If the food in your freezer doesn't seem to be freezing, then you may have an issue with the sealing on your freezer door. The first thing that you will want to check for is that the stripping on you freezer door is in place, and if the door stays closed when you shut it. You will also want to check and see if there is a buildup of ice at the bottom of your freezer. This ice means that your freezer has some kind of leak, and the ice that has built up may be stopping your door from shutting properly. Removing the ice is a temporary fix, but you will eventually need to discover where the leak is coming from. 

The Water Dispenser Won't Work 

If you have a water dispenser on the door of your fridge that just won't work, then there may be an issue with the cords that connect your water supply to your fridge. If these cords are unplugged or damaged in any way, then the water is not going to be able to make it out of your fridge. The lack of water will also effect your ice dispenser if you have one, because there won't be any water to create the ice. Re-attaching, repairing, or replacing the cord can all be done on your own, and will likely fix your problem. 

The Fridge Is Constantly Cycling 

If your fridge is constantly cycling to try and lower the temperature, there are a variety or reasons why. There may be a problem with the seal on your fridge door so that it can never get cool enough, or you may have an issue with your thermostat. The sealing issue can likely be fixed on your own by purchasing new sealing at a home appliance store. However, because the thermostat issue is a bit more problematic, you may want to hire a repair man like one from Lewis Appliance Service LLC to look at it instead.