Gas Furnace Inefficiency: The Reasons For An Inconsistent Pilot Flame

19 November 2015
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Are you searching for a new gas furnace because yours won't stay lit and it is not energy efficient? Before spending money on a new furnace, make sure there is not a part on the furnace that simply needs a repair. Discover below what might be causing pilot problems for your gas furnace and what you may have to spend on a replacement if a repair can't be made.

What are Reasons for Pilot Problems on a Gas Furnace?

A possible reason for your gas furnace refusing to stay lit for a long time is due to something being wrong with the orifice. The orifice is actually the main way that a flame is able to burn in the pilot when the heater is on. If the orifice hole is blocked due to it being old, rusty, damaged or dirty, it can pose a problem for the flame to come through. See help from a technician to see if he or she can replace the orifice to bring your heater back to an efficient condition. A malfunctioning orifice is a fire hazard, so don't use your heater if it is in a bad condition.

Another reason to consider is a problem with the burner to your furnace not working. The orifice is useless unless the burner is able to send a fire into it. The burner can be damaged from rust or dirt, or it may simply not be getting enough gas to send a consistent flame through the orifice. The only way for the burner to get gas is from a gas valve that is on the exterior of the furnace. If the burner is not getting enough gas, the valve is likely broken or set too low. If the burner, valve and orifice are damaged beyond repair, you will need a new furnace.

What Kind of Fees are Charged to Replace a Gas Furnace?

One of the main things that are factored into the price of a new gas furnace is the efficiency of it. If you want a gas furnace with a standard level of efficiency, expect it to cost a minimum of $1,700. Gas furnaces of a higher efficiency level can cost over $8,000. However, the complexity that the contractor has installing the furnace also has an effect on the overall price. Contact an appliance repair contractor, like HomeSmart From Xcel Energy, to find out what is going on with your gas furnace and if it should be replaced!