Generic Vs Manufacturer Appliance Parts

11 November 2015
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If you have an appliance on the fritz, it is usually just a matter of getting a replacement part to correct the problem. Some appliances have parts that can be purchased as a generic part rather than one that must come straight from the manufacturer. But is it a good idea to buy generic parts for your appliances if they need replacing? Read more to determine if you'll be able to buy a less expensive, generic part or if you should shell out a bit more money for a manufacturer part.

Generic Parts

Depending on the age of your appliance, you might not be able to purchase an official manufacturer part any longer. This tends to happen when the maker stops producing any additional parts once a particular model is no longer made. When that happens, you can purchase aftermarket parts, which are pieces made to fit just like the original part, but are not produced directly by the appliance manufacturer. These parts can be anything from controls and motors to hinges and belts, and they all serve an important role in helping your appliance function. If you cannot find an original manufacturer part, be sure you identify the part number and look for its generic equivalent. It's vital that the aftermarket part you purchase matches the original one's size and functionality, even if they are different part numbers.

Manufacturer Parts

When appliances are under warranty, the replacement parts installed will typically be authentic manufacturer's parts. These parts are made to be an exact fit and are guaranteed to work correctly once installed. You can also find these parts by contacting the manufacturer directly. When you buy these parts, there should be no issues remedying the problem once you've installed them. Even if the company who made your appliance no longer sells your particular model, they tend to carry replacement parts for some time afterwards. You can also look online to find authentic parts, or contact a local appliance repair company. They will usually carry a large inventory of manufacturer parts to help you get your appliance fixed.

Does it Matter?

Of course, you want to choose parts that are the exact same as the item that has broken. Over time, there can be design flaws or even quality issues with generic aftermarket parts. They are made to mimic the manufacturer's part, but are not always consistent in design and material. This can affect your appliance's operation in some cases. If it's a cosmetic part like a handle or door, it will not affect the repair as much as a moving part would if it is aftermarket.

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